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Tuyere stock assembly

Used for 500-5500 cubic meters blast furnace
Advanced technology
long service life
1.the structure is simple and the weight is light.Each part was processed according to the actual reqirements for being easy to be removed and reassembled.This can satify the requirement of qiick being removed and reassembled in front of the furance:spherical surface of bent pipe that is sealed with connecting pipe can be removable spherical surface this way bent pipe life can be prolonged.
2.High temperature-resistant compound material is used for sealed spherical surface.with this material,the oxidation preventive temperature is 1350.processing technology of profile modeling is used for ensuring the precision of sealing.
3.Mechanical vibrating method is used for ramming refractory liner.this method made the liner dense and credible.
4.YHL insulating material is used.this makes the surface temperature of intake air device is 50-100 lower than previous one.Heat loss is less improves the temperature of intake air and get the result of energy saving.
5.High temperature resistant metal cladding washer is used at the flange connecting points for reducing the leakage of device in the middle and latter period.

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